Best Hunting Jackets

When you go hunting it’s not only important to know how to hunt but it’s also a great deal to know how to dress. Your clothing might be your best friend when out on the field or, by contrary, your worst enemy.

There are many things to consider when you decide what to wear when hunting and many questions to be answered right before you go out into the wilderness.

What and when to wear?

There are three important layers to consider for your hunting clothing and each of them is important. If the first layer is all about keeping you warm and wick free for all time, the second layer is supposed to take care of you even if the third layer exists or not.

Keep in mind that you can vary the base layer and the middle layer underneath the hunting jacket, depending on weather and hunting conditions.

By the time you get to the third layer, it’s almost obvious that this clothing is supposed to do more things than keeping you warm and dry. As this layer is practical the only thing between you and nature’s adversity, it’s important that this layer protects you against the elements, no matter what they’ll be.

Typically, the third layer when hunting is the hunting jacket. This is supposed to keep you warm and dry and protect you from the elements. The best hunting jackets are lightweight also so that you can easily carry it in your backpack.

A hunting jacket is in most cases a camo jacket and the best camo jacket would be incredibly quiet. This jacket gives you freedom on the move so that you can hike, hunt and shut in the most comfortably way.

Most of hunting jackets out there are Gore-Tex or something similar to it and they shed water, release body moisture and block the wind-at the same time. These things are essential for a hunting jacket.

Tips on good hunting jackets

Nowadays, you can find many great hunting jackets on the matter. Your budget has a say in it but this is not an issue anymore as many manufacturers give great products for not so much money. You can find a good hunting jacket that is water resistant and lightweight for a fair price.

When the weather very cold or pouring rain, a good hunting jacket would do its tricks. This jacket is not only waterproof, but also great when it comes to breathability, life span and weight.

Giving you space to organize your small items is also important for a good hunting jacket. You need to have at least some pockets for your small gear and, more important, they need to give you easy access to your items just as well.

It’s also important that these pockets keep your items safe and secure so zippers (with waterproof cover is to look for) or snap buttons are essential for that.

Look also for a camo jacket that comes with a detachable and adjustable hood. It’s important that the hood gives a snug fit and you can lose it when not in need of it.

When we talk about the fabric of your hunting jacket, try to stay away from a plastic poncho or rubber rain slicker. They might be totally waterproof but they are totally worthless when we talk about breathability.

As you move a lot or get some physical effort when hunting, you might sweat on some point on your hunt and this is why breathability is so important for your hunting jacket. Go for the Gore-Tex, E-vent, Toray or something similar for your camo jacket.

If you go hunting for a while, you must know by now that weather gets unpredictable out there. So, you need a hunting jacket that is lightweight. But for a jacket to not only to be light, but also breathable and heavy duty, you need to pay the extra bucks.

The hunting jacket is your shield against nature’s elements so it has to take well any branches, rocks. Your jacket has to be also tough and reliable when meeting nature’s challenges.

The tougher your hunting jacket gets; the more weight is gaining so you need to really give a good thought about what counts more for you.

Luckily for you, high quality fabric technologies create waterproof jackets that are long lasting, lightweight and even a bit stretchy for a snug and comfortable fit.

All in all, your hunting jackets need to be between 1.5 and 3.5 pounds, as a final clue when you go on a hunt for your hunting jacket.

Top 3 Hunting Jacket reviews

Keeping you completely scentless while hunting, this ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting Jacket gives a good fit to both women and men.

Here are the pros that got us:

  • The jacket features a safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
  • This is 100% waterproof and is treated durable water repellency
  • The jacket is also breathable
  • The jacket features zip-out wind blocker Sherpa fleece vest
  • This is a three pieces’ sleeve construction jacket
  • The jacket comes with removable arm guard for an easier movement
  • The jacket keeps you warm and it’s completely compatible with Spider harness
  • There are elastic cuffs and Velcro closure
  • There is a great design on the jacket
  • There are multiple pockets
  • The arms have no lining and this a less bulky appearance for the jacket
  • There is a detachable vest with arm guard
  • The jacket comes with two exterior lower hand warmer zippered pockets
  • You can get this in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity and Real Tree Xtra which give you a great hide when hunting

Along with the good things, come the bad things and our cons are:

  • The jacket is a bit tight in the shoulder and sleeves
  • The inside pockets are too low placed
  • The hood is not detachable
  • There is no chin cover
  • The jacket is not very quiet
  • The jacket gives a snug fit so it’s a bit difficult when multi layering

All in all, price and quality, this jacket is great when hunting.


A very good option when in need of a hunting jacket is this Legendary Whitetails Timber Line Insulated Softshell.

As it is completely waterproof and very warm, this jacket has many other good features so here are our pros:

  • The jacket gives you zippered pockets for your small items
  • There are blaze orange accents
  • The jacket features extended cuffs with thumbholes
  • The hood is zipped off and features and adjustable elastic draw cord
  • This keeps you very warm
  • The jacket looks great and it’s well made
  • The jacket gives a comfortable fit
  • The price is fair for the quality you get
  • The jacket is not too bulky
  • You can wear this in all kinds of situations as it is versatile
  • There is a zippered pocket on the inside also
  • This is made of 100% Polyester
  • You need to wash this cold, gentle cycle.

When it comes to the cons, here they are:

  • The jacket is an on the heavy weight side as it keeps warm and is waterproof
  • The zippers need to be of better quality
  • The jacket is a bit too loud

Keep in mind only to tumble dry low and never iron the jacket. It’s long lasting, but you need to help it a little bit.


In case you want the very best from your hunting jacket and are willing to pay some extra cash also, this Stormr Men’s Stealth Jacket is the thing to get.

Here are the pros that got us in the first place:

  • The jacket is made using Neoprene Core Technology
  • This comes in Realtree Max4 camo pattern for a better blending in the surroundings
  • The fabric used is abrasion resistant which makes the jacket longer lasting
  • There are two large shell pockets with call holders and silent magnetic closures
  • The jacket features internal neoprene cuffs on inner sleeves to keep water out
  • The jacket keeps you warm and comfortable
  • It runs true to size
  • The jacket is flexible and gives you freedom on the move
  • The jacket is waterproof and windproof
  • All the features are integrated

There are some minor issues related to the jacket so here are the cons:

  • The jacket is a tad tight in the chest area
  • The front pockets are rather small

All in all, this is a good investment of your money for your hunting gear.


Best Bow Hunting Jacket

There’s no other hunting jacket than the bow hunting one that needs to be extremely flexible. This Scent Blocker Matrix Jacket with Windbrake has a bow guard on the arms which makes it the right choice whenever you go bow hunting.

Here are our pros:

  • The fabric is durable burr resistant
  • This gives 100% protection against wind and water
  • There is three-layer fabric which makes it durable and tough against the elements
  • There are two vertical chest pockets and two lower zippered pockets
  • There are non-slip grip patches on shoulders for carrying a bow or a backpack and gun sling
  • There is rear grommet license loop hook and loop adjustable cuffs with inside soft knit cuff for more comfort
  • The jacket is very quiet
  • The scent control on the jacket is great
  • The jacket keeps you warm and doesn’t pick up the burrs
  • The jacket is made with Trinity technology which is highly efficient on scent control
  • The pattern of the jacket is Realtree Xtra for a better hiding
  • The jacket gives a perfect fit
  • The jacket is versatile and gets to you very fast

As for the cons, there aren’t any to mention as long as you are willing to pay some extra cash for your bow hunting jacket.


Best Waterproof Hunting Jacket

If waterproofness is the most important thing on your hunting jacket, this Men’s Waterproof-Breathable Outer Systems Hooded Jacket is to be remembered.

Its nice features are many so here are our pros:

  • The jacket is made of 100% Polyester
  • There is waterproof and breathable polyester brushed tricot shell
  • There is seam seal construction on the jacket which means more durability for your jacket
  • There is diamond-quilted thinsulate insulation on the jacket
  • The jacket features scent control lining
  • There are stylish contrasting black details
  • The zipped off hood is detachable and adjustable
  • The jacket is machine washable
  • The jacket is comfortable, warm and very quiet
  • The zippers are good quality
  • There are nice pulls for gloved hands
  • The hood comes with a neck/face flap
  • The jacket looks nice
  • The pattern of the fabric helps on blending into surroundings
  • The jacket is lightweight
  • There are plenty of pockets to store your small items
  • There is a zipper for inner layer to be inserted

As for the downsides on this shooting jacket, here are our cons:

  • The jacket runs a bit small
  • The shoulder area is a tad tight so the shoulder movement is difficult
  • The sleeves are kind of short
  • The pockets are not waterproof
  • There is no draw string to keep the warmth inside
  • You need to pay extra for the attachable inner layer

All in all, this is a great waterproof hunting jacket that keeps you protected against the elements also.


Best Duck Hunting Jacket

A very well made and well-constructed jacket for your duck hunting experience is this Under Armour Men’s UA Storm ColdGear® Infrared Skysweeper Wind Hoodie.

Here are our pros:

  • This jacket has DWR finish to repel water
  • The jacket is still highly breathable, even if it’s waterproof
  • The fabrics used are windproof also
  • The jacket is designed to give you great protection against the elements
  • There is a 3-layer bonded fabric
  • The fleece interior is soft and brushed
  • The outside fabric is long lasting and smooth
  • The shooting shoulder have a grip surface to prevent gun slipping
  • The jacket wicks moisture away from the body
  • There are secure front hand pockets and center front drop pocket
  • There is a low-profile snap placket
  • The cuffs are neoprene

Apart its price that is not very low, this jacket manages to be a great buy anytime.


Best Upland Hunting Jacket

An efficient upland hunting jacket is this Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Canvas Jacket. Apart from the easy to access bird bag, there are many other nice features for this jacket.

Here are our pros:

  • The jacket is made of 100% Cotton canvas
  • There is a 100% polyester blaze overlay
  • There is Pheasants Forever embroidery
  • There is a large blood proof front load game bag with zip opening for easier clean up
  • The jacket features shell pockets
  • There is a hook and loop pocket flap for easy shell pocket access
  • There are D-rings for dog training accessories
  • The jacket features two zippered front pockets
  • The cuffs are adjustable
  • There is a two-way front zipper with snap storm flap
  • Behind each shoulder patch there is a Reactar G2 pad pocket (pad is sold separately)
  • The jacket has a regular cut and is men designed
  • There is good breathability for the jacket
  • The jacket converts in sleeve-less jacket
  • The jacket keeps you warm, without overheating
  • There is good movement when wearing this jacket
  • There are plenty of pockets for your gear to store

On the other hand, some things count as “cons”:

  • The jacket is not waterproof
  • Some customers got jackets with no removable sleeves. They did get in the end the right model, but it was a stretch.

So, considering the price and the performances you get with this upland jacket, this is a good option anytime.


Best Wool Hunting Jacket

When you are a big fan of the natural fibers, this Icebreaker Men’s Sierra Long Sleeve Zip Jacket is a great jacket to consider.

This is made of 100% Merino wool and here are our pros:

  • The jacket is naturally odor-resistant
  • The jacket is not itchy
  • The camo pattern gives you a good hide when hunting
  • The fabric is moisture wicking and breathable
  • This goes great as a mid layer
  • There is a chest pocket with a cord hole for your MP3 player
  • There are zipped hand pockets to store safely your small items
  • The jacket comes with internal storm flap to prevent draughts
  • The jacket controls the body temperature very efficiently
  • The zipper is on the opposite side, but this is typical for this brand
  • The jacket packs really well and it’s easy to store
  • The jacket gives a slim fit
  • The jacket is very comfortable and thin

When it comes to the cons, here they are:

  • The sleeves are a bit short
  • It’s better to size up as the jacket gives a snug fit


Best Winter Hunting Jacket

Hunting in the wintertime means you need a jacket that is both warm and comfortable, giving you freedom on the move. It’s the case of this Yukon Gear Men’s Reversible Insulated Jacket that not only does all of the above, but it has many other good things also.

Here are our pros:

  • The jacket is waterproof so you can take any rain in this
  • As it’s also breathable, the jacket wicks moisture which means more comfort
  • This is a reversible-camo to blaze
  • There are dual side entry pockets with pocket flaps
  • The jacket features elastic wrist cuffs and an elastic waist
  • The lining is both waterproof and breathable
  • You can either wear it in Blaze Orange or Mossy Oak Break-up pattern
  • The zippered hood is detachable
  • The jacket is very warm and quiet
  • The print is very well done and the orange is nice and bright
  • There are many pockets for a better storage of your items
  • The price is great

We need to mention the downsides, even though they are not deal breakers:

  • As it is waterproof, breathable and warm all together, the jacket is a bit heavy
  • The jacket is difficult to pack
  • It gives a tight fit
  • The fabric picks up burrs

Either than these minor things, this hunting jacket manages to meet your expectations for a winter hunting jacket.