Best 1911 Sights

Best 1911 Sights

When you have a 1911 gun, you would obviously want to get the most out of it. When it comes to optimizing the performance and capability of a 1911, one of the most vital elements is its sight. Having the right 1911 sight can make the difference between finishing the job successfully and having to face hindrances. As the sights are probably the only essential part of your 1911 gun you are going to collaborate with the most, they happen to be the only way to anticipate where are bullets are headed. Therefore, you should be able to get the best 1911 sights for your gun and this will certainly be a big decision.

Types of 1911 Sights
1911 sights are categorized based on the purpose for which you plan on using the gun. Similar to how you can choose between a lot of different gun models, sights are also available in different types. However, some of the most commonly used types of 1911 sights are competition sights and self-defense sights.

Competition sights are generally designed to be easy to use and easily adjustable. Over the years, the designs have become much more refined to make handling easier and more convenient for shooters. These sights come with finer tolerances and are more angular, features that make them perfect for shooting competitions.

Self-defense sights, in most cases, are rigid, low key, and provide great visibility regardless of the kind of light you are in. One of the major benefits of these sights is that they are easy to maintain. However, these sights are meant just for what their name suggests, self-defense, and may not be best suited for competitions or bulls eye shooting.

In addition, following are some of the other 1911 sight types you will come across:

  • Plain black: Known to be the conventional sight setup, the plain black models provide clean sight for competition and target shooting on known backgrounds. But, these sights are not recommended for use in unknown or mixed target backgrounds.
  • Brass/Gold bead: Made widely popular by the famous shooter, Ed McGivern, the brass and gold bead sights have been into existence for a long time now. These sights are known to catch light properly during the day, and with ambient light, it also offers sufficient contrast to catch the front sight.
  • Tritium: This is widely known as standard equipment that enables shooters to align the sights even in no or low light. Tritium sights usually have a maximum service life of ten years.
  • Fiber optic: Fiber optic sights are well-known for their ability to provide excellent visibility and are therefore widely preferred by older shooters. These sights work best in the daylight; the brighter the light, the better will be the sight.
  • Rear sight: The two dot rear sight is the most common type of rear sight. With this sight, all you need to do is line up the front and rear dots and you’re ready.

With so many choices available in front of you, you need to perform your research and read reviews to get the best 1911 sights. Here are some of our recommendations:

1. GERO Tactical Green and Red Dot Sight

GERO is a gun accessories brand brought to market by gun enthusiasts to meet the needs of and serve other gun or shooting enthusiasts. The company started their venture into the gun accessories industry with their gun magnet, a product that helps people reach their gun easily and quickly when they need it the most. Known for its universal installation, compact size and other useful features, the gun magnet was a success, and GERO now happens to be a well-known brand in the firearms accessories market. By choosing to buy a 1911 sight designed and manufactured by GERO, you can be sure that you are investing in a high quality accessory that you will be glad to add to your collection.

If you have been looking for a good quality and reliable red dot sight for your 1911 gun, the GERO Tactical Green and Red Dot Sight would be the perfect product to consider. The durability and versatility of the product, along with its level of affordability, are some of the basic features that attract many shooters to this 1911 sight. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best affordable 1911 sights you will find on the market today, and the fact that it is a lot more efficient that even many of the highly priced sights from leading brands makes it much more appealing.

The green and red dot sight from GERO is basically everything you would expect from a solid 1911 sight; it is shockproof, water resistant, light in weight, and also comes with adjustable brightness feature. As the sight is designed to hold zero for an extended period of time, you get to experience the most accurate level of sighting and swift target engagement. The robust construction of the sight is made evident by its ability to withstand paintball hits on the glass even at the speed of 300 feet per second without getting scratched. And despite its great strength, the product is made of lightweight material, as a result of which it doesn’t seem bulky when in use. Its shockproof and water proof nature enables it to perform excellent well in different weather conditions. With the GERO green and red dot sight, you also have the option to change reticles to match your preference. This particular feature leaves you with a clear sight while shooting and you can also experience good eye relief.

However, while most users appreciate the ability to change reticle settings, there are some shooters who find this specific feature quite distracting. Also, some users seem to have experienced that the sight lost zero quicker than anticipated. The manufacturer offers a one year unconditional warranty, which means that you can return the product and get your money back, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied with how it works.


  • Waterproof, shockproof, and lightweight.
  • Excellent brightness range.
  • Crisp and clear red and green dots even in bright daylight.
  • Highly affordable.
  • One year unconditional warranty.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Durable construction.


  • May lose zero quickly.
  • The reticle setting changes could be distracting for some users.


Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight

Sightmark is a famous brand known for their quality products to cater outdoor enthusiasts as well as the outdoor industry. Initially introduced in the year 2007, the company also caters to the modern shooting market, and the wide variety of shooting products and accessories that carry the brand name are preferred for their excellent accuracy, efficiency, and state-of-the-art construction. Some of the best selling items from the company include chamber laser bore sights, riflescopes, and red dot sights. Whether you use firearms for competitions, self defense, or hunting, you will be able to find high quality products from Sightmark to accessorize your gun.

If you have been shopping around in the budget 1911 sights category, looking for a product that will offer some good value and deliver efficiency despite its low cost, the Ultra Shot Reflex Sight from Sightmark is a standout product you should consider. Despite being a budget 1911 sight, this particular model doesn’t really look like one, especially with its durable aluminum construction that is made appealing with a matte black finish. Weighing just 5.6 oz., this sight is light in weight, which is definitely a feature you don’t normally see in a budget sight. Also, its lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks useful features.

Coming to its functionality, the Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight delivers a field of view of a whopping 118 feet at 100 yards. This, in addition to its infinite eye relief, will keep you wondering if you had somehow purchased a mid-range sight at a fraction of the cost. What’s even more impressive about this sight is that it holds zero even when you accidentally bump it. As a result, you will not have to zero the sight again, unless and until you decide to change the reticle. The digital switch, which is something unique, makes it easy for you to change the brightness settings. This will be particularly useful when the lighting conditions in your shooting location change rapidly.

A weaver mount comes integrated with the 1911 sight, and is designed to fit all standard weaver or picatinny bases. You also have the option to choose between four different reticle patterns. One common complaint we were able to come across was about the battery life of the product. While the company claims that the batteries will last for about 25 to 120 hours, some users have reported that they don’t actually last that long. And while the sight is said to be fog proof and shockproof, it is not waterproof, which could be troublesome in certain conditions.


  • Durable construction with great matte finish.
  • Highly responsive and convenient digital switch.
  • Easily and quickly detachable mounting system.
  • Infinite eye relief.
  • Excellent functionality for its budget pricing.


  • Batteries may not last too long.
  • Not completely waterproof.
  • Doesn’t have a night vision mode.


Trijicon 1911 Novak Cut HD Night Sight Set

Trijicon is one of the well established American firearm optical sighting device manufacturers since 1981 and they are known for offering energy efficient night sighting products. Most of you would already know about the quality of the night vision optics provided by them. All the products are made in USA and this gives you 100% guarantee in build quality and optical performance. Trijicon 1911 Novak cut HD night sight set with yellow front outline is a must have night optic product for tactical shooters. This product is an illuminated sight set for both front and rear.

Sighting and trigger control are two of the most essential performance enhancing factors for a tactical shooter. Those who get this right will be spot on in their shooting performance. The perfect sighing upgrade for your 1911 pistol is this product. Precision in target engagement is made possible with this excellent product. If you are someone who loves shooting under low light situations, then this should be your go to upgrade. It comes with a yellow aiming point and is a self illuminating 3 dot sight made of solid iron. Solid steel is used in the manufacture of front and rear sights, which gives you solid rigidity. Gas lamps are self illuminating and they are placed in silicon cushioned aluminum, giving another rigid form and comfort even under rapid firing circumstances.

Both the rear and front sights are contoured and textured in order to eliminate glare and provide enhanced focus on your target. Front sight aiming point comes with a yellow outline surrounding the tritium phosphor green gas lamp, which improves night visibility and enhances targeting. In order to enhance low light shooting performance, the front sight comes with one tritium vial and the rear constitutes of 2 tritium vials. To assist emergency one handed operation, the front sight is steeply hooked. Rear sight comes with a wide U-shaped notch. Every single feature of the product is mainly designed to enhance speed and precision even under transitional lighting situations. Green tritium dots that you find in the rear sight come with an outstanding 12 year manufacturer warranty.

HD night sight set from Trijicon is the perfect upgrade for all of you who own a 1911 handgun. Trijicon has conducted an internal testing on their HD night sets and have come with a remarkable result of 20 to 30% speed and performance enhancement in night shooting. Target focus time is cut down drastically and this enhances speed and precision for tactical shooters. Buy this upgrade and try it out on your pistol and you will simply enjoy the difference in real time.


  • Tritium phosphor illumination is self illuminating and does not require battery.
  • Aluminum phosphor lamp housing gives lamp protection even under extreme recoiling and shooting.
  • Tall blade.
  • Steeply hooked front sight to eliminate glare.
  • Rigid machined steel construction.
  • 12 year manufacturer warranty.
  • USA manufactured.


  • Set screws should be purchased separately.
  • Does not fit certain 1911 pistol models.
  • Rear sight is bulky, but should not be a major issue.


Truglo Fiber Optic Handgun Sight Set

Truglo is an accessory manufacturing company established in 1993. A wide range of innovative and exciting accessories are provided for people who have passion and interest in archery, crossbows, firearms, etc. Truglo handgun sight sets are very popular in the market and they are one of the best in this segment without a doubt. Most of the products and accessories offered by Truglo use fiber optic technology and most of these products have enhanced the way shooters aim. Fiber optic tritium handgun sights provide great ability to view the target with precision even at low light.

Tritium power source provides everlasting power, which is the main reason why it is used extensively in handgun sights. Precision sighting is established during day and night with this technology. Aiming at a target is not easy even during broad daylight because the light actually widens the viewing range and this compromises your aim. Bright dot sight is provided by Truglo fiber optic handgun sight set using the daylight and this delivers best in class sighting during the day. Tritium based fiber optic sight offered by Truglo comes to life at night where it provides precision aiming at extreme lighting conditions. Tritium lamp provided light is used in creating a bright dot at night. You will be amazed by the difference that a traditional fiber optic technology makes.

Front and rear sights come with a fiber optic tube inserted into them seamlessly, giving you light so that you never lose sight of your target at any condition. Fiber tube is built in so seamlessly that your target will not be able to identify your light even in the dark. Rear sights come with two yellow lights and the front sight is green. A bright green dot flanked by dim yellow lights help you focus on your target with accuracy. Flawless sight alignment is one of the major benefits of this product. Fiber optic handgun sight set from Truglo is made of machined steel and this gives it the durability you need from an accessory. Enough protection is provided to the fiber optic tubes; hence, you can expect this product to last really long.

One of the drawbacks of Truglo fiber optic handgun sight set is that it is a fixed sight product and there are no adjustments whatsoever. Many tactical shooters do try their hands on setting up the sights on their own and make adjustments to the product. Rear sight fitting is the main challenge, but you will find the front sight setup to be quite simple. Proper screwdriver tool set and sight pusher tools are mandatory for installing this product. You can use this Truglo fiber optic sight set for any of your pistols.


  • Tritium based fiber optic sights are useful even at no light conditions.
  • Fiber optic coupled with tritium gives you the best package.
  • CNC machined steel body.
  • Snag resistant.
  • Excellent sight alignment.
  • Durable


  • Gunsmith installation is necessary for proper setup.
  • This is a fixed sight product with no adjustments.
  • Risk of fiber optic fracture if not handled properly.


Kensight DAS 1911 Defense Adjustable Rear Sight

Established in 1997, Kensight is a part of KFS Industries, and manufactures high end precision and target night sights for the most ambitious shooters. As the company is known to have started the designing phase with an unlimited budget, they were able to include the best features in their gun sights, along with a lot of modern enhancements. All of Kensight’s products are manufactured with advanced techniques and modern technology, and their sights are considered ideal for a lot of different applications. Today, Kensight sights are being used by numerous military units, law enforcement agencies, and also individual sportspeople all across the world.

The Kensight DAS, also known as Defense Adjustable rear Sight, is basically a combat style rear sight for 1911s. This sight can be used as a replacement for the simple sight that comes with your Ruger SR 1911 and attain an advanced set that can be easily adjusted to match your shooting purposes. The combat style body of the sight makes it snag-free and it also makes one handed operation of the slide extremely easy. The sight can be fully adjusted for elevation and windage, and as the exterior is completely dehorned, leaving behind no sharp edges, it wouldn’t snag clothing or cut your hand during draw stroke.

The Kensight DAS 1911 is made from Chrome Moly Steel, a go-to material for high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and tensile strength, which makes it very strong and provides long lasting durability. The matte black finish of the sight reduces glare from overhead lights and sunlight, thus making shooting easy and convenient during the day as well as in diminished lighting conditions. The clicks in the sight are designed to be quite loud and tactile as well; therefore, even if you make a slight adjustment, it wouldn’t go unnoticed. The two white dots on the sight help with front sight alignment, and the fine serrations provide excellent sight picture in almost all varied conditions.

This particular rear sight model from Kensight will perfectly fit the most widely used Novak LoMount rear sight dovetail cut. In addition, the sight will also be compatible with numerous models of Colt, Springfield Armory, Dan Wesson 1911s, Les Baer Custom, and a lot more. Despite all these amazing features, the Kensight DAS 1911 does have a drawback. It is known to require filing or machining in order to attain the perfect fit. Other than that, this will be a great sight for your 1911 firearm.


  • Made from high quality and durable material.
  • Fully adjustable elevation and windage.
  • Snag-free.
  • Compatible with a wide range of firearms from different manufacturers.


  • May need some fine tuning to fit your gun perfectly.


Meprolight Colt Tru-Dot Night Sight for 1911

Meprolight is one of the leading electro-optics organizations based out of Israel, and its main focus area ever since inception in 1990 is to provide products that deliver superior target alignment capabilities. Night sight products and other optical sights, LED, tritium, thermal sights, night visions and many more are some of the best products offered by them. Through its exciting product launches the company has earned a reputation in this segment. Many leading handgun manufacturers prefer Meprolight sights mainly for their durability and brightness. Let us now discuss in detail about Colt Tru-Dot night sight for 1911 Government and commander. First and foremost this is a fixed night sight set offering superior night aim.

Tru-Dot night sight for Colt 1911 handguns from Meprolight offers superior brightness compared to the industry standards. It offers around 20% more brightness than the other products you may find in the market. Law enforcement officials, government and military officials use Meprolight night sights, which shows the performance, durability and quality of the product. If you are using Colt ’80 and ’90 series then you will find this sight really useful because the front sight comes with a stake tailor-made for these guns.

This green Tru-Dot night sight is fixed, and is rigid and fail safe as well. The illumination is enhanced using tritium power source, which requires no batter source whatsoever. Tritium power source gives you a maintenance-free light source for years. It delivers one of the brightest lights across all weather conditions. Tru-Dot night sight replaces the existing stock sight that you find in your Colt 1911 handgun models. If you are an expert, then you can install it by yourself. You can even get it fixed from your gunsmith. Rear sight lights are dimmer and the front sight gives a dark green dot, which gives you a perfect aim alignment. Anodized aluminum based construction gives it the corrosion resistant property. This material is also lightweight and long lasting. Front and rear Tru-Dot night sight gives you the best target acquisition. Green dot effect at night will give you perfect night aiming and the same will turn to white dot in daylight.

All the night sight set illumination come with a 12 year manufacturer warranty, which should make you relaxed and enjoy shooting at your target even at low light. If you are a shooter who loves to customize or looking for adjustable sight sets, this product is not for you. You can certainly check out other adjustable night sets offered by Meprolight. Tru-Dot night sight on the whole gives you the ability to enjoy instinctive shooting in all climatic conditions. Your handgun will be the same design-wise and you will enjoy the precision advantage offered by Tru-Dot instantly.


  • Excellent low light and transitional light performance.
  • One of the brightest night sights available in the market.
  • Tritium illumination.
  • Anodized Aluminum.


  • This is a fixed sight set and it does lack adjustments for customization.
  • Improper installation will lead to sight damage. Take good care when installing it.


Dawson Precision GSG 1911 .22 Fixed Carry Sight Set

Dawson Precision has been operating in this industry for many successful years and the company is offering wide range of products attracting all forms of customers who love shooting. Guns, gun sights, parts, magazines, gear and various other intuitive and innovative accessories are provided by them. Dawson Precision provides gun sights for all the different handguns you may have. You can find many varieties of sights on their website. The brand is known for manufacturing affordable gun parts and sights.

Competition shooters have always preferred the Dawson Precision brand sights and other accessories, and the company has earned this position in the hearts of the buyers mainly for the accuracy and product quality. This is a fixed sight product and comes with 0.325 tall X 0.125 notch width fixed rear and 0.240 tall X 0.100 wide front sight. Both these sights come with fiber optic illumination, which gives excellent precision for low light shooting.

All the proud owners of 1911 .22 handguns will find the fixed carry sight set offered by Dawson Precision the perfect addition to their gins. This is a replacement carry sight set and you can easily replace your factory sight with this. All the tools and installation instructions come with the product, so installation shouldn’t be a problem at all. Fiber optic sight feature of the front and rear fixed carry sight is the most attractive feature of this product. Fiber glass insert is part of both the front and rear sight; this accentuates the ambient light and provides the best front sight, making the shooter aim at the target swiftly and accurately.

Rear sights are dimmer than the front for enhancing front sight. One of the major differences you can find in this sight is the fiber rod placement at the sight. Hallow effect that you find in other sights is eliminated using this technique. The result of this is sharper and clearer target acquisition, which is exactly what we all need from a sight.

Front and rear sight punch that comes with the product should only be used to install the sight. Other punches are not suggested and the company offered adhesive is also recommended. The punch offered along with this product is much lighter compared to other punches in the market. Fixed carry sight can be installed properly if you follow the guidelines. Gunsmith installation is recommended if you are not a pro at installing sights. You should not break the sight trying to install it yourself. Remember, this is a fixed carry sight and you cannot make any kind of adjustments or modifications to it.


  • The product comes with all the necessary tools such as Allen Wrench, sight punch for both front and rear, and an additional fiber optic.
  • CNC machine design construction offers good structural rigidity.


  • Installation procedure provided by the company should be followed.
  • Custom sight punch and adhesive is the preferred choice.
  • Fixed sight with no adjustments.


Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sight GP Series

Dead Ringer is a US manufacturer offering high quality products for archery, tactical, shotgun, and a variety of accessories for the same. All the night sights manufactured by the company are made of aircraft quality aluminum, which withstands all kinds of adverse conditions. All the products are manufactured to withstand heavy recoiling, extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions. Durability is the prime motive of this company and buying a product from them will assure product quality for years. Optical lexan light technology is used by the company and this eliminates the halo effect that you may find in other products. Bullet proof material construction and easy to install property are the main highlights of Dead Ringer products. We shall now focus our attention on the Snake eyes tritium night sight GP series.

Snake eyes tritium night sight is one of the most user friendly night sights in the market. You can install it right away and start shooting with accuracy. It is manufactured using the shooting position in mind and this enables shooters to use it right away. Lighting fast target acquisition is the main motive behind the launch of this product. The sights can be installed in most of the major handguns. Close encounters and low light shooting circumstances can be enhanced using snake eyes. This product is a front and rear sight tritium illumination based combo. Tritium power source glows constantly giving the best sight in low light conditions.

Snake eyes tritium night sight GP series fits all Glock models. Two tritium inserts surround the lexan sleeve and this eliminates continuous tritium radiance during daylight. Lexan sleeve glows white during the day and green at night, giving you perfect sight alignment even under transitional lighting conditions. Role pins, screws and other installation requirements come with the product. Replacement screw is provided for the front sight alone. Getting it installed by a professional gunsmith is the best advice we can give, because there should be no compromise on the sight and pure performance of the product. Rear sight especially is a press fit design construction, which can be installed perfectly only by an expert gunsmith. Avid shooters and enthusiasts will definitely love what this product adds to their performance.

The only minor drawback or a flaw in this product is that it caters the need of those shooters who are looking for a simple point and shoot sight. For a more tactical and high performance shooter, this product may not be the ideal choice. Snake eyes tritium night sight from Dead Ringer has been accredited by many military and government agencies all over the world. Quality, affordability and durability are the three important advantages of this product.


  • Manufactured using military grade metal, giving great rigidity and longevity.
  • Installation and target acquisition are super quick.
  • Fits all Glock versions.
  • Accurate.
  • Durable.
  • F