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Best Ear Protection for Shooting in 2016


Finding the best ear protection for shooting or to call them by their name, the best earmuffs for shooting, shouldn't be a difficult thing to do now when the internet offers so many options. But this might actually represent a problem by itself because you might feel overwhelmed by the number of ...


Best Concealed Carry Holsters of 2016

Best Concealed Carry Holster

Quick navigation:Best Concealed Carry Holster (Overall)  Best Open Carry Holster for Glock Best Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster Best Leather Concealed Carry Holster Best Quality Concealed Carry Holster Best Affordable Concealed Carry Holster Best Buy Concealed Carry Holster ...


5.11 Men’s Packable Jacket

5.11 Men's Packable Jacket review

For those of you out there that like hiking or spending time outdoors, but don’t want to pack too many things or wear too many also, a good option are packable garments.Next time you want to buy a packable jacket, take a look at the 5.11 Men's Packable Jacket as there are many good things about ...


Maxpedition Imperial Load-Out Duffel Bag

Maxpedition Imperial Load-Out Duffel Bag

In case you are traveling a lot and need a sturdy, heavy duty, ready to take many years of wear bag, this duffel bag is the thing to get.The Maxpedition Imperial Load-Out Duffel Bag is built as a rock and there are many things that make this a great choice for a duffel bag. Here are our pros: ...


HPA DRYSAC 50L Duffel Bags

hpa drysac professional review

For the best protection of your things whenever you are on a boat or you are hiking with a backpack that is not waterproof, try these Dry Duffle heavy duty bags. They have a capacity of 50 liters and are 100% waterproof as they are perfect for regatta, offshore/inshore navigation and challenging ...


Fred Perrin Le Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife

Fred Perrin Le Kiridashi Fixed Blade Knife review

If you like spending time outdoors as much as you can and the wild life is your passion, no matter if it’s for hunting or hiking, then you know that having on you the lightest gear is one of the keys for comfort and successful outdoor experience.You may have gotten yourself an efficient ...


Olight M20-X Warrior Tactical Led Flashlight

Olight M20-X Warrior Tactical Led Flashlight review

Whenever you’re on the hunt for a good EDC light, the Olight M20-X Warrior Tactical Led Flashlight is definitely a choice to consider.Here are the pros for this efficient flashlight:The flashlight uses a Cree XM-L Led bulb The body is made of Type III hard Anodized Aluminum ...


Direct Action Small Messenger Tactical Bag

Direct Action Small Messenger Tactical Bag review

Even though you’re not a military personnel, maybe you just like to have a tactical looking bag. In that situation, you can use the Direct Action Small Messenger Tactical Bag as your EDC bag.The bag is made of tough 500D Cordura and comes with many great features. Here are our pros:...


Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch

Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch review

Even though you got yourself a great backpack with many pockets and compartments to store your gear, you still have some more gear to fit in. Your jacket, your tactical pants are simply not enough to carry all the small items that you need to take when hiking or hunting.A good option is to get ...