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Best Ice Traction Cleats of 2016


Whether you are an avid climber / hiker and you always love the adventurous path or you just want a high quality or both, we got you covered with a fine selection of some of the best ice cleats on the market. From affordable to expensive we covered a large variety of cleats while keeping it simple ...


When Is The Best Time To Hike In The Year?


The weather can play a huge part for every hiker. When the weather is bad, it can turn a trail into a danger zone with the potential for avalanches and landfalls. There will be times when hiking trails turn into hot ovens with no means of escape; it happens and being unprepared for them is a ...


Simple Tips for First-Time Hikers


Hiking can be a wonderful pastime and it has become such a popular hobby for millions across the world. It isn’t difficult to see why hiking has become popular though; hikers get a sense of adventure and it can be so rewarding to hike to the top of the world’s highest summits. Some of the sights ...


The Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiking


A few decades ago, hiking was the most popular sport of its time but over the years, it slightly drifted away. On the decline, fewer people looked to hiking because of the dangers it brought, not to mention the strain it brought to the body but now it seems as though there has become a new craze ...


The Best Hiking Equipment You Will Need


Seasoned hikers know the importance of having the right equipment unfortunately most newcomers struggle to get an idea of what they need. It can be difficult because different hiking trails require different equipment and many newbie’s don’t understand the need for so much equipment. However, ...


Dealing With Common Hiking Injuries


Hiking can be fun, exciting and appealing but there will be the inevitable injury along the way. No matter how many precautions you take or how careful you take a step, you will get injured. In some cases, it is nothing more than a blister or little paper cut but you still need to know how to deal ...