Best Archery Release

 Archery release reviews

You need to practice a lot until you get to shoot a bow cleanly with your fingers. For a clean shot, you should always use the best archery hunting release you can. You will only have one point of contact when using a release and not three fingers in contact with the string.

Using the best archery release gives you precision on the bow and improves your performances just as well. You advance from being a beginning bow hunter and you win on your abilities.

Pay attention to the details when selecting the archery release and you need to match its quality to the one of your bow.

An archery release… what’s that for?

When we talk about archery release, you need to know that there are two main types of archery release: hand-held and wrist. These types are the most popular out there and their adjustability and smoothness reflect in the price.

The type of caliper jaws is decided by you using a loop on your string or shooting right off the string.

The most popular archery release has a strap of some sort to attach to your wrist and a trigger pulled by your finger. The weight of the draw is transferred to your wrist and forearm so it’s easier to hold back the bow at full draw. You need to pick the draw length when you set up the bow for the first time as the position of the trigger and the overall length release have a say on your draw length.

The handheld releases are rather new and are lightweight and easy to use. They still use a trigger mechanism which is not typically pulled with your index finger, but it’s triggered with your thumb, which is not as sensitive as your index finger. You may even release the arrow with some back tension. The string is released when the tension rises at full draw, combining it with slight rotation of the archery release. This type of release is mostly used by the competition shooters but any archery shooter should have it in its gear.

What else is there to know?

A hand-held archery release gives you length adjustment and you might find various lengths for the archery releases. Last thing you want to do is strain just to reach the trigger. So, look for an adjustable hand-held archery release so that you may shoot as comfortably as you can.

You may setup various bow strings for your archery release. You can have a metal nock, a “D” loop or metal type fastener. Some release aids don’t suit some certain string style so make sure the release is compatible with your string setup.

The market gives you also the option of automatic or hydraulic archery release. These archeries automatically fire the bow after a certain time once you start to draw back. You may find these archeries in grip and wrist styles. According the best archery trigger release reviews, they are also the most expensive ones just as well. Stay away from them if you’re new to archery release as you don’t want to waste your money.

It’s important to give attention to the noise of the release also. Some make a clicking sound during the process which may spook your target. The quiet the archery release, the more your success is guaranteed.

Now, which one fits you the best?

You should choose a handheld release if you tree stand hunt since you may leave the release attached to the loop of the bow. Of course, there’s the risk of losing the release since it’s not attached to your wrist. The hand held release may become an obstacle for spot and stalk situations as you are trying to go down a hill, holding the release at the same time.

Some say handheld releases are more difficult to draw unlike the wrist type. The more clothes you have on, the more challenging it becomes.

For the wrist models the bow’s draw weight is distributed around the wrist, so the draw cycle is easier than in the case of the hand held release.

Keep in mind that the features of your archery release have a say in their price. A $40 release shoots great, but it misses the finer features like length adjustment, upgraded strap, trigger pressure adjustment.

The more you pay for your archery release, the more refined the trigger mechanism is. A bad trigger means a failure for your hunt, right from the very beginning.

And the winner is…

Get yourself a backup release. You can’t go out in the field with only one release and choose the archery release that fits the end. Take a deep breath and always relax when using your archery release.


Top 5 Archery Release Reviews

When you’re new to using archery releases and want to go easy on your budget, the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release might be a good one to start with. The release brings good things to the table and here are the pros:

  • The head swivels 360 degrees
  • The release has an adjustable sensitivity screw
  • It’s easy to open and close the jaws
  • The release is easy to use even in the winter time
  • The release gives you freedom on the move when you hunt
  • The Tru Ball Max Hunter is very quiet
  • The release is widely adjustable and sensitive
  • The Tru Ball Max Hunter is small and compact
  • It’s very easy to carry it around and to store it just as well
  • The release is made of aluminum so there’s a nice feel
  • The construction is good
  • There is a solid built to the release
  • The head pivots
  • There is a good grip for the release
  • The release is comfortable to carry
  • There is a good control feel to it
  • You may attach it with the strap (sold separately)

As for the things that need improvement, here they are:

  • There is no hole for lanyard at the mid-section
  • The release gets cold in the winter time so gloves are handy

But for the money you pay and for your beginner abilities, the Tru Ball Max Hunter is a good release to begin with.


For those of you that are struggling with target panic, an efficient method to cure yourself is to start using a handheld archery release. The Scott Archery Longhorn Hex Release sure helps you with the tension and increases your shoots and there are many other good things on it. Here are our pros:

  • The release ensures you of no premature misfiring
  • The safety system is efficient and not cumbersome
  • The release works smoothly, torque-free
  • There is a pivoting roller design to the release
  • The finger positioning is ergonomic and comfortable
  • The release features patented, micro-adjustable RCS system
  • The draw-optimizing hook is efficient and has auto-locking band
  • The bracket stop is great for quick and easy loading
  • You get two finger release with the Scott Hex release
  • The release is easy to use
  • There is better control on the shooting with the release
  • The release is adjustable
  • It’s very easy to adjust the sensitivity and length of the release
  • The release helps you with the target panic

Some small issues count as cons and here they are:

  • The release doesn’t come with a manual so your kind of have to figure out on your own how the release work
  • There is still some tension in the hand when using the release

But, all in all, the Scott Archery Hex Release is efficient and might help you with the target panic and improve your shoots for sure.


When it comes to the Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release versatility and possibilities of adjustment are the main things that pops out. Nevertheless, there are many other good things related to it so here are our pros:

  • The head turns on 11 ball bearings for 360 degrees of uninhibited rotation
  • The trigger has 16 positions to choose from
  • The tension is adjustable
  • The lanyard bolts for release ensure easy access
  • 11 ball bearings ensure smooth head rotation
  • The trigger and the tension are adjusted independently with just the turn of a separate setscrew
  • The hook style head is a great feature
  • The release comes only in black
  • The “loop retainer” is removable so it doesn’t easily fall off your string when you’re not connected to it
  • The release comes with a lanyard for an easier carrying
  • The D-loop is closer to the hand to prevent string deviation
  • The release is easy to use
  • There are so many adjustments that you can do to the release
  • The trigger is adjustable from a tension and a travel standpoint
  • The archery release is made in our USA

As for the cons, there are only few:

  • Some think the release is a bit pricey
  • Some thinks there’s too much deviation in shots

Take consideration of each hunter’s abilities and see the Tru-Fire Hardcore Revolution an efficient, versatile and reliable archery release.


When you feel confident in your hunting abilities, you know you can bite the bullet and buy yourself a more expensive archery release. The Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release doesn’t miss a shoot as long as you know how to use its great performances and features. Here are the pros:

  • The Carter Chocolate is a trigger release
  • There is 360 degree rotating Adjusto Trigger Plus feature
  • The thumb position setting is easily quickly spin away
  • The release is customizable and adjustable on many levels
  • The release had 3 holes at the trigger base: to adjust trigger travel and two are spring loaded to effect trigger tension
  • The cocking lever on the back closes the hasp with only one motion
  • You place hook on string D-loop, push cocking lever and hasp closes on string
  • You shoot straight off string or use rope
  • The jaw closes when you cock the release
  • You can set the release for left or right hand use
  • The release is smooth and economic
  • The metal parts are high quality
  • There is great finish for the release
  • The Carter Chocolate comes with multiple strings to change the tension
  • You also get wrenches to adjust trigger travel and tension
  • The release is comfortable in your hand
  • The Carter Chocolate is reliable and very customizable

Even though the cons aren’t deal breakers, we still need to mention them:

  • The Carter releases are not color specific so you don’t know exactly which color you get
  • The release needs lanyard for an easier and safer carrying. At the moment, you may drop it at least once.

But, despite its price and the minor issues, we’d still take the Carter Chocolate release any given day as it is worth every single penny.


The more you expect from your archery release, the more you need to be willing to pay. The Tru Ball Archery Honey Badger X Brass 4 Finger Release doesn’t bring only durability or efficiency, but also an amazing, elegant look. Here are the pros:

  • You may get the model in 4 finger (medium or large) or 3 finger (small/medium/large)
  • The release features new single micro-adjustment travel screw (1/2 turn equals around 0.006 of movement)
  • You get the option of click or no click all in the same release, adjusted by simple turns of the travel adjustment screw
  • The release has an anti-fire design (you can’t fire when the head is in the closed position)
  • There are no risks for freezing up and the release fires only when pressure is increased
  • You can make spring changes for different speeds of activation
  • The release features a new machined grip pattern that gives a better grip
  • There is same handle and length to bail configuration as the HBC
  • The release has an increased tapered ergonomic handle
  • There is return bail spring
  • The release has a nice, elegant satin finish
  • The release has multi-position thumb barrel (2 sizes included)
  • There are five methods to activate the HBX: transfer tension, tension only, thumb activation, steadily increasing pressure and ring finger trigger method
  • The tip of the last finger is ergonomically placed
  • The release has smooth index finger location
  • There is a heavy groove track on the release, giving more grip and control
  • There is great leverage and increased contact with the handle
  • The shot sequences are quick and smooth
  • The hook on the end keeps the fingers nice and tight

As for the cons, apart from its price, we have no issues to mention on the Tru Ball HBX.