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How to Choose Your Tactical Pants

how to choose tactical pants

Tactical pants used to be part of a hiker’s gear when heading into the backcountry. Some tactical pants were famous for their unique style and name, as the most popular ones (5.11 for instance) were named on the Yosemite Decimal System, more than 25 years ago. From tactical pants for the outdoors ...


Our Land

public land hunting

My heart sank as I pulled into the parking spot at one of my favorite public land access points. I had just driven twenty-five miles to hunt the last few hours of the day, and I was greeted by what I dread most as a public land hunter; the tailgate of another pickup. Now I was in a dilemma. Where ...


Staying Sharp with Small Game


It was mid-January and snow blanketed the ground. The high temperature hovered around the low 20’s. Arctic air had pushed down into the lower 48 making for brutally cold conditions. Snow flurries blew throughout the morning and trees were popping from the winds and cold. I trudged through the ...


Weeds to Eat for Survival


Imagine getting lost in the woods or stranded on the side of a deserted highway with no cell service. Maybe you have had to flee your home and head for the hills without a chance to grab any of your emergency food supply. Could you survive? What would you eat? Before you assume you are going to ...


The Varmint Rifle

Hunting with.22 Rimfire

There’s a “perfect” rifle for every man; but it takes study, time and know-how to find itThere are two broad, general schools of traditional varmint-hunting devotees. For this particular narrative we shall classify them in this manner, anyway, to spare you a belaboring of way-out aspects of the ...


Hunting Season


You don’t just run out there and gun down the wary crow. Take time setting up. He has his blind spots. Learn to use them.A pair of crows, their big mouths spieling out raucous threats, was tearing in from our right. “Take the front one,” I whispered to Gordie Pleiss, my hunting partner. Blamity ...


A House Divided


“It’s gotta be better than a 160 class buck for me to try a sneak. Five years ago I wouldn’t have said that, but today that’s where I’m at.” My good friend was explaining his hunting strategy to me over lunch one day. We both get fired up for our annual spot and stalk mule deer hunts in Nebraska’s ...


How to Make a Water Filter From Trash


Water is one of the most important elements of human survival. Many people get caught up with the idea that food is the top priority. Those people would be dead before they had a chance to realize their mistake. The human body cannot survive more than three days without water. Sure, there are ...


What Makes a Good Food Storage Space


Prepping to survive a disaster, whether it is on an apocalypse level or simply one that makes things a little rough for a few months, requires careful planning. One of the things many people automatically assume is the most important thing about prepping for disaster is the food storage. Well, in ...


Smoke Through a Keyhole


Gusting wind violently whipped the barren branches of the cottonwood trees overhead. At eye level the waist high grass of the river bottom frantically whirled from the invisible torrent of air coursing through our region. With wind gushing around me, my gasping breaths of the frigid air failed to ...


How to Shelter in Place Without Being Seen


When you think about disaster or some event that leaves the world a more dangerous place than it already is, you probably think about hunkering down in your home. Your home is where your food storage is as well as all of the creature comforts you have come to love and appreciate. There are some ...


5 Ways to Start a Fire without Matches


Despite all the planning in the world, stuff happens. You may have a bug out bag packed with matches, a lighter and all kinds of good stuff, but what if you can't get to it, lost it or it was destroyed? Or maybe your pack was soaked and the matches are destroyed. Then you are left to fight to ...


10 Ways To Do Vertical Gardening


Prepping for disaster includes learning valuable skills that will help sustain you for years to come should the world forever be off kilter. You need to know how to grow food that will keep your family fed and healthy. In today's world, gardening is a good idea in general. It keeps fresh fruits and ...


Prepping Your Tactical Survival Kit


Having to leave your home unexpectedly can be a nightmare for most. Your home is your castle and in your own it’s the safest place in the world. Unfortunately there may be times when you have to evacuate and it’s going to be very scary because you are out there alone and sometimes, there may not be ...